Hi. Iʼm so glad youʼre here to visit my site. First, a little about myself.

Iʼm a registered nurse, a certified nurse midwife and a certified sexuality counselor. I have worked in womenʼs health care since 1985 and have cared for women and their families throughout the myriad changes of their sexual life. My goal has always been, and continues to be, to help women and their partners find their own way to a healthy, and fulfilling sexual life, with the utmost care and compassion. I believe we all have within us the tools and abilities to find our way to the most satisfying sexual relationships possible. Just as I have “midwifed” many babies into the world, so too I feel my role is to midwife, or help catalyze, the changes necessary to grow into the sensual/sexual directions my clients wish to go.

My counseling style is a bit eclectic but is influenced heavily by the Full Spectrum (Sex) Therapy paradigm of Dr. Stella Resnick. This encompasses cognitive, somatic, experiential and behavioral aspects. Body awareness and breath work are extremely important and can lead to deeper levels of behavioral change. Believing that our thoughts can change our actions, and by extension our experiences, is a powerful part of this type of counseling. I am also greatly influenced by existential psychology/philosophy and some elements of Gestalt therapy. Although the past definitely influences who we are, my emphasis is more on the here and now, problem solving, and where my clients want to be in the future.

I embrace all cultures and religions and am eager to work with people from all backgrounds.

In my free time I love to garden, cook, birdwatch, do yoga and visit my beach shack in Nicaragua.