Recovery 2.0


WordPress / Accessally with Ontraport Integration

Project Overview

This case study explores the development of Recovery 2.0’s membership site, built on WordPress and integrated with Ontraport, a marketing automation platform. Recovery 2.0 offers a unique online support system for individuals seeking freedom from cannabis dependency. This website provides members with access to a curated library of resources, fosters community building, and facilitates communication for a more holistic recovery journey.

Technical Considerations

  • Content Management System (CMS):
    • WordPress provides a user-friendly platform for Recovery 2.0 to manage website content. This includes informative articles, testimonials, program descriptions, and other resources relevant to addiction recovery. The user-friendly interface empowers content creators to update and add resources efficiently.
  • Membership Management using AccessAlly:
    • A robust membership plugin AccessAlly is integrated with WordPress to manage user accounts, subscription plans, and access control to exclusive member content. This ensures a seamless experience for registered members, granting them access to premium resources and fostering a sense of community.
  • Ontraport Integration:
    • Ontraport, a marketing automation platform, is integrated with the membership site. This allows for:
      • Email Marketing: Automated email sequences can be designed to welcome new members, deliver progress updates, and share educational content, all tailored to specific membership tiers or recovery milestones.
      • Payment Processing: Ontraport can handle secure online transactions for membership subscriptions, streamlining the signup