CodeIgniter (PHP Framework)

Project Overview

PeopleBlogSpot is ModelPeople’s proprietary online platform designed to streamline qualitative research methodologies. This case study explores the technical aspects behind its development, focusing on functionalities that enable researchers to seamlessly combine online/mobile and in-person data collection for qualitative projects.

Multi-Role Access Control

  • A robust user management system provides differentiated access levels for Admin, Super Admin, Client, and Respondent roles. This ensures data security and restricts access based on user permissions.

Flexible Survey Design

Admins can create surveys with a diverse range of question types, catering to various research needs. These include

  • Journal Entry: Respondents can record detailed textual responses.
  • Media Upload: Uploading images, videos, and audio files allows for richer data collection.
  • Highlight and Comment: Respondents highlight specific sections of uploaded media for focused analysis.
  • Scaling: Likert-scale or other rating options provide structured data.
  • E-Collage Maker: Respondents can create collages from provided images, offering insights into visual associations and preferences.

Streamlined Data Collection

  • Admins can invite respondents to participate in surveys via email or secure links. Anonymity options empower respondents to participate freely without privacy concerns.

Data Management and Analysis

  • Admins can effectively manage collected data through powerful filtering and tagging functionalities. This allows for efficient organization and retrieval of specific respondent responses or survey elements.

Researcher-Respondent Communication

  • An internal messaging system facilitates communication between admins and respondents within the platform. This enables researchers to clarify questions, provide additional instructions, or request further details.

Reporting and Export Features

  • PeopleBlogSpot offers survey report generation capabilities, allowing researchers to compile analyzed data in a clear and concise format. These reports can be exported to widely used formats, such as Word and Excel, for further analysis and dissemination.

Technical Considerations

  • PeopleBlogSpot leverages the CodeIgniter framework, known for its efficiency and security in building web applications.
  • Third-party API integrations may be utilized for specific functionalities like user authentication, email sending, or image processing depending on project requirements.


PeopleBlogSpot empowers qualitative researchers with a comprehensive platform to design and conduct online and in-person surveys with diverse question types. The platform’s functionalities facilitate efficient data collection, management, analysis, and communication, ultimately enhancing the research process and quality of qualitative research findings.

This case study highlights the technical expertise involved in building PeopleBlogSpot, including:

  • User management with multi-role access control
  • Development of custom survey question types
  • Integration of third-party APIs for extended functionality (if applicable)
  • Building a secure and efficient platform for qualitative data collection and analysis

PeopleBlogSpot serves as a valuable tool for ModelPeople and researchers alike, enabling them to conduct effective and insightful qualitative research projects.