As we “young at heart” people become a little “less young” many of the things that brought our life meaning and purpose no longer excite or serve us. Vital careers, marriage, babies, job advancements and the like are replaced by careers beyond their peak, settled relationships, divorce, adult children and retirement concerns. These changes shake the meaning and purpose that have been guiding our life for decades causing many to ponder: “Is this all there is?” “Now what?” “What’s next for me?” Unfortunately, we can’t always see “What’s next.”

Carol Koziol, of Natural Courage, guides the “less young” to find the courage to uncover and live our “What’s Next.” Together with Carol you identify what you really want next in your life and transition from the purpose you have passed through to the new one that awaits.

aboutNature is an integral part of Carol’s Natural Courage approach. Reconnecting to ourselves through nature enables you to shed the issues disguising your true path forward. You create a space for reflection to regain your bearings and make conscious time to uncover your “What’s Next.” Now you are able to put your Natural Courage to work to begin to step towards the next phase of a rich life.