FanView is a media platform and apparel platform committed to empowering athletes, teams, leagues, influencers, and businesses with new ways to engage with fans and promote their brand. Sports fans, movie fans, music fans – even travel and food fans – all have access to their favorite visual content and they can even mix sports, movies, music, travel and food to fit their individual preferences. Unlike other social media and video websites FanView allows its users tons of control over what content is presented to them and what they share with others. Whether viewing on a web browser or the FanView mobile app, a user who loves baseball, horror movies, rap music and dessert baking shows can customize their wall to get just those things that they want using the video organization, search and discovery technology exclusive to FanView. The enhanced control over viewable content and the ability to upload and tag relevant video and images allows for the creation of specific fan groups for everything: local youth basketball leagues, reality TV shows, national parks or even Australian Rules Football teams. If there are fans for it, FanView provides the means of delivering contextually related video content to supplement and enhance a user’s current activity to streamline their personal experience and to enhance the community experiences on a local and international scale.

Key Features

  • Fan Account, Athelete Account, Team Account – Multiple roles
  • Athletes can have fan pages
  • Fans can upload media directly to athletes fan wall
  • Creating and following YouTube and custom grids
  • Teams can create games and can add players
  • Scoreboard for games
  • FanView Ecommerce Merchandise Store
  • Referral system
  • Live Streaming
  • Digital Content Selling