CAUSE Action Fund is a 501(c)4 nonprofit organization dedicated to social economic and environmental justice throughout the Central Coast of California. We educate and mobilize immigrant, working-class and young voters to build grassroots political power and leadership in our communities.

CAUSE Action Fund is a people-powered organization that believes our elected officials should stand for dignity for working families, quality education, public transportation, sustainable development, a healthy environment, and immigrant rights.

As well as sharing in the community organizing, leadership development and policy research done by our 501c3 sister organization CAUSE, CAF also works to advocate for legislation, campaign for ballot measures, and elect local, state and federal representatives in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties.

CAF engages a network of grassroots leaders year-round who come from within each community throughout our region. Our grassroots leaders are people from everyday local working families, from farmworkers to housekeepers, bus riders to high school students. These leaders form an elections committee to interview the candidates in person, asking them about the issues they decide are most important to their community. They recommend an endorsement, which then goes to the CAF Board of Directors for final approval.

Our network of grassroots leaders works to engage thousands of voters every election by knocking on doors and making phone calls, having one-on-one conversations to educate, mobilize and empower voters, focusing on young people, immigrant families and residents of low-income neighborhoods. These are the voters often ignored by traditional campaigns, who use glossy mailers and robo-calls to prioritize frequent voters in wealthy neighborhoods. However, we believe if we make real investments in long-term, meaningful engagement of voters in disenfranchised communities, through leadership organized from within our communities, we can achieve grassroots electoral power for social, economic and environmental justice.