Founded in 2015, Desk Yogi is CMS in the form of a personal and corporate wellness solution that serves 1000+ videos on demand and thus provides personalized wellness for every employee in any work environment. Desk Yogi brings the de-stressing and stabilizing benefits of meditation, yoga and breath work to you on any device in any environment.

Key Features

  • A personalized setup for corporate groups with teams of multiple departments
  • Sign up with coupon codes
  • Competetive leaderboard and stats to keep the teams motivated
  • Email and Slack reminders to take wellness breaks
  • Session start checkins
  • Monthly Challenges open for all users to participate and compete
  • Ability to create personal playlists
  • Ability to set personal goals and challenges within the site and tracking them
  • Customized graphs and reports for users and team admins to view team activities
  • Daily live classes inside the platform
  • Google Fit integration to track movement data
  • Tracking mindfulness minutes, healthy food eating, sleep hours, and weight
  • An algorithm that calculates the Healthy Habits Score based on movement, food, sleep, and mindfulness data collected